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Brownells 458 Socom / 450 Bushmaster M16 Bolt Carrier Group - Nitride

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Get your .458 SOCOM or 450 Bushmaster AR-15 running perfectly with the Brownells M16 .458 SOCOM/450 Bushmaster Bolt Carrier Group, which features construction and finishing designed to provide the best possible performance in your rifle.

The Brownells M16 .458 SOCOM/450 Bushmaster Bolt Carrier Group features a bolt head built using 9310 steel, which undergoes heat treatment and shot peening for a durable finish. The carrier itself is made using 8620 steel that undergoes hardening after machining.

  • Undergoes magnetic particle inspection
  • Extractor construction includes rubber insert and spring
  • Increased corrosion resistance offered through black-nitride finish
  • Features torqued and staked gas key

The Brownells M16 .458 SOCOM/450 Bushmaster Bolt Carrier Group provides users with a complete assembly, also including a firing pin, cam pin and a firing pin retaining pin.

Black Nitride
458 Socom and 450 Bushmaster