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About Us

Many people ask where we came up with the name Aerospace Arms; the founders were trying to build lightweight MSRs (Modern Sporting Rifles) and found that almost everything was made from aluminum and everything else was either too heavy or had horror stories to go along with it being too weak. So instead of settling for the status-quo, they decided to do some research on new alloys that NASA and the military are using in aerospace applications to see if any were a viable option. They found more than one that has the potential to bring new meaning to "Lightweight AR Build," hence the name, Aerospace Arms.

Research and development requires a substantial amount of time and money, so while you may not see any new revelations in parts/components on the website yet, you will find everything you need from quality brands for a super-lightweight, 3-gun match, or a reliable duty modern sporting rifle (MSR) build at the right price.

Aerospace Arms was born in 2016 and began online sales of MSR components, parts, and accessories, then in 2020 acquired their FFL (Type 1) and now offer everything needed to do a build from start to finish.  They are known for their excellent service and stand behind all parts they manufacture and sell.  The headquarters in Iowa currently handles all operations so you will always feel those Midwest values through and through anytime you contact them.

To contact us, email info@aerospacearms.com or call (319)540-8789.

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