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About Us



Aerospace Arms was born in Omaha, NE (2016) after a discussion between the founders (Andrew Maas and Daniel Thompson) about what the firearms market hasn’t done well yet. They landed on an idea to produce extremely lightweight (AR-15) rifles for a niche of lightweight rifle builders, but instead of settling for the status-quo, they did some research on new alloys that NASA and the military are using in aerospace applications to see if any were a viable option. They found more than one that has the potential to bring new meaning to "Lightweight AR-15 Build," hence the name, Aerospace Arms.

In 2018, the business was moved to Winthrop, IA where it currently handles all operations, so you will always feel those Midwest values through and through anytime you contact them.

Current Day Operations

If you’re looking to assemble any Modern Sporting Rifle (AR-15, AR-308, or PCC), Aerospace Arms is a one-stop-shop where you can pick up all the upper and lower parts, accessories, and tools you need for your build. We pride ourselves in only offering American made, quality components for the American Rifle Builder. No matter what type of build you’re doing (super-lightweight, 3-gun match, or a reliable duty), we have the rifle parts and accessories you need.

Research and development require a substantial amount of time and money, so please hang with us as we continue down this path toward producing our own firearms and components. As that time nears, we will have our FFL updated with the ATF from a Type 1 Dealer to a Type 7 Manufacturer. Stay tuned to the website for an announcement.

To contact us, email or call (319)540-8789.

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