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Brigand Arms, Ultra-lightweight NOAX EDGE 15" Carbon Fiber Handguard, includes AR-15 barrel nut

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Expected release date is Mar 30th 2023

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We have started a new partnership with Brigand Arms and are excited to begin selling their revolutionary ultra-lightweight carbon fiber handguards.  We are taking pre-orders for these handguards and plan to fulfill all preorders within the next 30 days.


The handguard is the most visible and most handled part of a rifle: the one you choose will define the style, weight, ergonomics, and performance of your AR-10 or AR-15 firearm. Ultra-lightweight is only the starting point for what our NOAX handguards offer. Aerospace carbon fiber make this guard stronger than aluminum at below half the weight. The lattice structure provides a solid and repeatable grip and allows versatile accessory mounting at almost any angle. It insulates your forehand and provides airflow ensures superior barrel cooling rates for accuracy even in sustained fire. For precision shooting, our free-floating barrel nut puts no pressure on the barrel and will never change your point of impact. We know that’s a lot to promise, that’s why we back these claims with our industry leading warranty. We offer the NOAX handguard in lengths from 7” to 15” to match your shooting style and rifle setup. The carbon lattice material is complemented by our deep-black hard-anodized aluminum end-caps which allow easy mounting to your upper receiver and protect the leading edge from impact.

The EDGE, BLADE, and ATLAS models are all built with our precision NOAX material and vary only in the forward end-cap. EDGE provides a flat cut for classic style or to align with a silencer. BLADE provides an angular cut to help exhibit your barrel or for compensator and front sight clearance. While M-LOK and Picatinny can be mounted anywhere along the handguard with our backing plates, ATLAS provides a quad Picatinny rail and a sling stud for users who expect to always run accessories.

What’s in the box? All Brigand Arms handguard orders include our lightweight barrel nut which replaces your existing barrel nut. We always recommend you talk to a gunsmith about installation, but we have tutorials for both AR-10 and AR-15 installation. If you’re frequently working on your AR build, we recommend our ultra-compact BAAR armorer’s wrench. Like most free-floating handguards, all Brigand Arms guards require a low-profile gas block. We recommend Faxon for a simple lightweight gas block and Aero Precision for adjustable gas blocks.

If you have followed Brigand Arms for a while, you might be thinking “This material looks different than the last time I saw it…” You’re right! In 2021 our fabrication process was re-designed to give our team complete control over the manufacturing process. We call our new material “NOAX” (pronounced “NO-axe”) to differentiate from the former braided “OACS” or “O-ACS” material. Every NOAX handguard is built in Birmingham, Alabama by specialized machines developed for that purpose. This new material is stronger than ever, enables more precise accessory mounting, and now has a sleek dark graphite appearance and smoother texture. All orders placed after December 1, 2021 are built with this new material.

Features and Specifications:

  • ID = 1.75 in. | OD = 2.00 in.
  • Weight: 5.1oz
  • Tube: Patented T700 carbon fiber NOAX
  • Caps: Aluminum 6061 Hard Anodized
  • Barrel nut (included): Aluminum 7075 Hard Anodized.
    • Free-float barrel nut system (externally threaded alloy aluminum barrel nut and a steel jam nut).
    • Threads: Standard Yankee Hill thread count.
    • Torque: Recommended torque is 30-40 ft-lbs, as with any aluminum barrel nut. A small spot of moly grease (e.g. aeroshell 64/33ms) is recommended, but not required. If you get to full torque and the gas port is not quite aligned, simply loosen and re-tighten the nut until it creeps into place.


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