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Brigand Arms BAAR Tool Armorer's Wrench

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(Improved specs for 2023!) The Brigand Arms BAAR Tool delivers versatility and precision for any work you need to perform on your AR weapon system. It is perfect for barrel nut installation using the built-in socket for your 1/2″ torque wrench or ratchet. A general utility tool, the BAAR wrench combines all the functionality of the common AR Armorer’s Wrench into a compact precision instrument. It is milled from 4130 chromally steel for strength and black-oxide coated for corrosion resistance. At 5″ total length, you can easily slip the BAAR into your range pack, without sacrificing the functionality you have at your armorer’s bench.

Fits all Brigand Arms handguards, barrel nuts, jamb nuts, and buttstocks.

  • Overall Size: 5x2x0.6in outline. Body is 0.375in thick with 0.225in protruding pins
  • Wrench 1 – Mil-spec Barrel Nut: Standard “toothed” design for mil-spec barrel nuts and for Brigand Arms AR-10 nut
  • Wrench 2 – Brigand Arms Barrel Nut: Three hardened steel pins provide traction for Brigand Arms AR-15 barrel nut (NOAX and Carbon Black) and most “Yankee Hill Style” nuts
  • Wrench 3 – Castle Nut: Stable grip on all Mil-spec castle nuts as well as Brigand Arms Hoplite barrel nuts (may not work with specialty receiver end plates)
  • Wrench 4 – Brigand Arms jamb nut for NOAX and Carbon Black
  • Wrench 5 – Muzzle devices (fits most common 3/4in devices like flash hiders, compensators, etc.)
  • Socket: Precise ½ inch, with divots. (We recommend that serious builders purchase a torque wrench – even a cheap torque wrench is better than using a simple ratchet handle)