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DURAMAG 7.62x39, 28rd Magazine, Black, Stainless Steel, Black Anti-Tilt AGF Follower

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Need a 7.62×39 AR magazine that performs flawlessly? Our engineers have made crucial discoveries and technological advancements that solved the challenge of reliable feeding of Soviet cartridges in AR platforms. Make the switch to DURAMAG and shoot worry free with every pull of the trigger.

The 7.62×39 DURAMAG SS™ magazines are the ultimate choice for running this caliber in any AR15 style firearm. Feeding tapered cases like the 7.62x39mm into the straight magazine well of the AR platform has never been easy. Until DURAMAG™, many thought the combination was simply not possible to produce reliably. Thanks to extensive quality control built into their designs, every magazine is sure to run flawlessly. With DURAMAG SS™, now you can finally enjoy the close-in power of 7.62x39mm reliably in your AR platform.

The 28 round Duramag SS 7.62×39 magazine was designed specifically for operator preference and shooters that wish to use 5.56 style kit and pouches. The magazines are a great deal shorter than the 30 round version allowing them to fit more comfortably in any mag pouch or carrier and decreases or eliminates contact with the magazine next to it if in a chest-rig.

Features and Specifications:

  • LipLock technology keeps rounds secure and in proper alignment
  • Black AGF (Advanced Geometry Follower) remains level for consistent feeding
  • T-360 total coating technology covers the entire magazine, inside and out
  • EverFlex anti-fatigue spring technology for long life and ultimate reliability
  • 410 Stainless Steel Body
  • Post & Hole adds strength, durability, and robotically welded precision
  • Capacity: 28 rounds