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Why Every American Should Consider Building Their Own AR15

Why Every American Should Consider Building Their Own AR15

Posted by Andrew Maas on Mar 23rd 2024

Workbench for building an AR15

As a middle-aged patriot from Iowa, who's put down roots here running a firearms business, I've come to hold certain truths to be self-evident. Among these is the unshakeable belief in the importance of being able to stand up for oneself, protect your family, and contribute to the safety of your local community. This is why I'm a staunch advocate for the right, and the skill, to build your own AR15.

Andrew wearing a plate carrier

The Power of Knowing Your Weapon

There's a special kind of empowerment that comes from assembling your own AR15. It's not just about having a tool for protection; it's about truly understanding that tool—its parts, how it operates, and how to maintain it. This knowledge strips away fear, builds respect, and promotes responsible handling. And when it comes to family, sharing this knowledge can bring us closer together, ensuring we all understand the value and responsibility of owning such a powerful tool.

Tailoring Your Defense

The AR15 platform is a marvel of versatility. When you build your own, you're not just putting together a firearm; you're crafting a personalized tool tailored to your specific needs, whether that's home defense, competitive shooting, or hunting. This customization ensures that you have a reliable, effective means of protecting your loved ones, precisely tuned to the defense of your home and hearth.

Standing Guard for Freedom

In Iowa, we hold our freedoms dear, and we understand the weight of responsibility that comes with those freedoms. Building an AR15 is more than a hobby; it's a declaration of readiness to defend those freedoms against any form of tyranny. The Second Amendment safeguards not just the right to bear arms but the assurance that we, the people, have the means to protect our liberty. This act of building and maintaining our firearms is a testament to that belief.

Community fellowship at the gun range

The Bond of Community and Pride of Craftsmanship

There's something downright cool about building your own AR15. It's a challenge, sure, but it's also a deeply rewarding experience. The sense of accomplishment in creating something with your own hands, especially something as significant as a firearm, is unparalleled. And let's not forget the community that comes with this territory—the workshops, the advice, the shared passion. It's about being part of something bigger, a community of folks who value safety, liberty, and the skills that uphold those principles.

A Wise Investment

On a practical note, building your AR15 can also be a smart financial move. You're in control of every component, meaning you can build a top-notch firearm without breaking the bank. Plus, the skills you gain in the process can save you a pretty penny down the line on maintenance and upgrades.

Let's not forget that guns also hold or grow in value like few other assets, so you should never feel bad spending money on a build that you'll be able to get back if you ever need to turn around and sell it.

In Closing

Building an AR15 isn't just about owning a firearm. It's about asserting your independence, securing your family's safety, and standing ready to protect the values we hold dear as Iowans and Americans. It's about investing in the skills that empower us, engage our community, and ensure that we're always ready to defend our freedoms. For those reasons and many more, I see building an AR15 as not just a right but a duty. It's one of the many ways we can show our commitment to our families, our communities, and our country.  God bless America!