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Who makes the best Nickel Boron BCG?

Who makes the best Nickel Boron BCG?

Posted by Andrew Maas on Aug 27th 2022

Lets start with some history

Back in the 1990s, FailZero's parent company UCT Coatings (Universal Coating Technologies) developed a new patented Nickel Boron formulation that produced the highest boron content compared to any other existing coating process.  UCT Coatings then launched FailZero in 2009 with plans to utilize their EXO coating and produce the best nickel boron BCGs on the market, and they did.

Here are a few facts to backup that assertion:

FailZero M16 M4 BCG

  1. The hardness of the EXO NiB coating is a Rockwell C of 82 or better, which makes it a better solution than even HARD CHROME!
  2. Provides a much lower coefficient of friction which translates to being very "slick."  This results in less wear on the BCG and fewer malfunctions when running dirty.
  3. The coating actually nucleates on the surface atoms of metals, becoming part of the metal rather than merely applied to the outside, unlike other manufacturers who still have issues with their NiB coating flaking off.
  4. Guaranteed not to ever flake off under normal use and backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from FailZero.
  5. Enhanced heat dissipation, so your BCG will actually run cooler than a non-EXO BCG.
  6. Most of the high-end BCG manufacturers now use UCT Coatings EXO for their nickel boron BCGs too since they're the best in the industry. For example, LANTAC USA lists in their NiB E-BCG description, "The entire carrier assembly is NiB, Electroless Nickel Boron coated with the patented, advanced UCT EXO process, unlike standard NiB coatings."
  7. Last but not least, they're manufactured here in the USA!

So with all that said...Who makes the best nickel boron BCGs? FailZero, with their patented EXO coating, hands down!

Why wait, order one of our FailZero EXO BCGs that are on sale now!

To hear more about how they compare to the competition, listen to VP of Sales for FailZero, Tom Altieri give a few reasons why you should choose an EXO BCG from FailZero.