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Will the ATF put Slide Fire out of business?

Posted by Andrew Maas on Oct 6th 2017

Slide Fire, the small Texas business that employs approximately 30 people in the town of Moran (population of 270), is at a (hopefully) temporary standstill in regards to taking new orders. In 2010, the ATF approved Slide Fire's new "bump-stock"  and stated, "we find that the "bump-stock" is a firearm part and is not regulated as a firearm under the Gun Control Act or the National Firearms Act."  If the ATF goes back and changes their decision on what they decided in 2010 due to c
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5 Unanswered Questions About the Las Vegas Terrorist Attack

Posted by Andrew Maas on Oct 5th 2017

5 Unanswered Questions About the Las Vegas Terrorist Attack
As you probably already noticed, I didn't refer to the murder of 58 innocent American civilians as a "massacre" like most in the mainstream media is.  I called it a terrorist attack for good reason (5 reasons to be exact).#1 ISIS claimed responsibility for the attackAs the mainstream media is holding strong to the notion that this was a "lone wolf" who acted alone without any assistance from any organization, ISIS went ahead and claimed responsibility for the attack.  This is
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How to build a ultra-lightweight AR-15

Posted by Daniel Thompson on Apr 20th 2017

As most of us know, the most common questions tossed around in the AR community when building a custom AR-15s are, “How do I build the lightest AR-15 possible?” or “What’s the best lightweight AR-15?” or “Where can I find the lightest AR-15 parts?” or some version of this question.  Who doesn’t want a lightweight weapon that unloaded is less than 5 pounds and can still reach out and touch someone 500 yards away? I’m going to attempt to answer this loaded question since there are 1000's
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