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Battle Arms Development

Battle Arms Development, Carbon Fiber Handguard, 10", M-LOK, Black

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BATTLEARMS Carbon Fiber 10in MLOK Handguard feature all of the great properties of carbon fiber, specifically its low thermal mass combined with its high thermal conductivity, and the pattern in which the material orientation is laid out, creates the most efficient handguard in terms of heat dissipation. This translates into the shooter being able to comfortably handle the gun after hundreds of rounds have been sent downrange.

Carbon fiber is 10x stronger than aluminum and 40% lighter. This is the perfect handguard for a lightweight SBR or Pistol build!

Features and Specifications:

  • Length: 10"
  • Weight w/ Aluminum Barrel Nut: 5.2 Ounces
  • Max Outer Diameter: 1.932"
  • Max Inner Diameter: 1.786"
  • Accessory Mounting: M-LOK Compatible
  • M-LOK Slots: 5 per side
  • Material: 35-50 Carbon Fiber with 7075 Aluminum Barrel Nut

Torque Specs:

  • Barrel Nut: 35-80 ft/lb

  • All 10-24 fasteners: 20 in/lb (for the barrel nut screws and M-LOK attachments)