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Say hello to the new CZ-P10

Posted by Daniel Thompson on

I'll start by saying I'm a huge fan of CZ pistols.  I carry and shoot them in USPSA, so there may be a little human bias but I equally dislike most polymer guns so that should help keep things fair.

CZ has two new pistols in their 2017 catalog that both look very interesting, one being the long awaited for Shadow 2, and the other actually comes as a surprise, the CZ P-10.

CZ is now marketing a striker fired pistol and aiming to get into the popular compact carry gun market. It's obvious with their new slogan "IMPROVING ON PERFECTION" that they're looking to compete with the G19.  The P-10 is even suppose to fit perfectly in most Glock 19 holsters for someone looking to change platforms.

Can CZ pull it off and replace the glock? Well it's hard to say if and when it will happen, but I believe at some point the Glock will get pushed out or behind in the market due to technological advancements made and Glock not changing their design much in almost 30 years. The P-10 looks like it's doing a lot of things right where Glock could have improved.  The grip texture and angle on the P-10 both look like obvious improvements along with the super short reset.

Only time will tell how this new gun will fair tho, but as long as it inherits the reliability of previous CZ models, I foresee nothing but success. Don't get me wrong, do I think the Glock going anywhere? No, of course not. Even if this gun is a major hit, there are so many Glocks out there right now that even if their popularity fades, it will be a long time till we see a decline in them.


Added 12/22/16

Cz just released a new video of the P-10 with a couple torture test and it's sure looking good.

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