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The NRA-ILA, fighting the good fight for freedom

Posted by Andrew Maas on

     Few organizations have done more for preserving our 2nd Amendment rights as the NRA.  They continue to fight the good fight and take on freedom hating commies who support Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Confiscation, the Brady Campaign, and other leftist groups who would love to see your guns taken away and have the USA turned into a weaker more and oppressed version of Australia. 

     I live in a pretty conservative state (Nebraska) and talk to people all the time about what they think about taking away our 2nd Amendment rights, and to my surprise, MOST ARE CLUELESS.  On more than one occasion, the conversation came to a close where the other person said, "Well, they need to do something with all the mass shootings that are happening." which of course is them just regurgitating what the news media has programmed them to think and actually is disproven by statistics which you can look into here or if you want to look at the FBI's statistics here, you can.  According to real statistics, knives are much more dangerous than rifles when it comes to total number of murders, but you don't hear politicians rallying around banning sharp objects.  If you get the chance to have a conversation about gun laws with someone who has an uneducated opinion, arm yourselves with facts and politely educate them (with tact and kindness of course).

     Even though it seems we're currently on the path to win back more of our 2nd Amendment rights, the battle is far from over.  The public school system, news media, and other leftist organizations are pushing the gun control agenda non-stop so we must continue to fund the NRA and other freedom loving organizations who are willing to fight for us using our legal system.  It's our best option right now outside of a Convention of States, which would get the country back on track but is still battling to get widespread support.

Please consider contributing to the NRA, and thanks for reading... Godspeed.

- Andrew Maas

Co-Founder and Director of Manufacturing Operations at Aerospace Arms LLC


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